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IQ network streaming for ExtIO_DLL application delivery

The system architecture and application notes will be published as soon as possible on this site.

"cloudSDR" is a trial to test the feasibility of local processing of IQ samples remotely generated by sampling devices (the radios).

Since to have a running end user signal processing application requires a huge amount of well written code i felt that an interesting experience may be get adding "cloudSDR" features to a well known SDR app: HDSDR.

So, the main components of the architecture are built to be ExtIO_DLL compliant. In this way the final result you can experience is simply like adding a "virtual LO" (VLO) to the app. This VLO appears as an interactive window activated by the browser choosing "ExtIO_cloudSDR-Vxx.DLL" (where Vxx is the version) from the HDSDR starting menu.

You have only to choose the bandwidth you know to be compatible with your Internet access (keep in mind you need at list 32*sampled_kHz+128 kbps of bandwidth i.e. 48kHz requires about 1664kbps) and you can use HDSDR as usual.

Because the visualization is made using HTML5 (and Javascript), in some platform/browser, the page may cause a notable CPU load. If this is cause for concern, to reduce it is sufficient to iconify the browser when you do not need to interact with the page.

At this time an ELAD FDM-S1 and a Maxiwhip antenna located in center of Torino provide the 768kHz of frequency span centered on 7100kHz. Your VLO can move inside this span to fix the central frequency. You'll be able to explore and listen at the selected bandwidth via HDSDR.

Obviously, is a multiuser accees; in the same way of Websdr.

The DLL is now under test and will be delivered to a restricted number of beta tester to get the best suggestions and troubleshooting cooperation in this first phase.

The next steps will be:

- extend the frequency span
- interface more devices
- add software features like:
* signal analysis
* sync sampling
* IP multicast distribution

and more!

For informations, write to cloudsdr at csp.it

The project is a "side effect" of research activities in the field of signal processing and ICT cloud service deployment; so the application may exist thanks to many people. So thanks to:

Simone ( scarasimon at gmail.com ) for server side implementation and
Nando ( nando73 at gmail.com ) for the ExtIO dev!

73 de I1YRB

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